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HighSpeed Internet

Highspeed internet packages that fit your budget and lifestyle.


Managed high-capacity wireless access points to cover your home or business.

Network Cabling

Our low-voltage electricians can update existing wiring in your space or design a brand new layout.

Point to Point Networks

Connect buildings like a network cable would, without the hassle.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Solutions for apartment buildings and condominiums, ask us about getting your building connected with us!


Geared towards construction sites/trailers, work camps, events and festivals.  Site-wide WiFi solutions available

We Are

We are an independently owned high-speed internet provider based out of Winnipeg, MB. Our company began as two technicians, trained by the best in the industry across Canada on how to deliver the highest quality internet. We were the hands, legs and brains for the big telco giants for years, and decided to take the leap in becoming a small company doing big things! Our number one focus is customer satisfaction, high speeds, and reliability. Let us help you get upgraded to high-speed internet at a better price with no frustrations!

"The hands, legs and brains for the big telco giants for years, and decided to take the leap in becoming a small company doing big things!"

Residential High Speed Internet


  • 15/3 MBPS – $69/MO (Best for one to two watching video or browsing and social media)

  • 30/6 MBPS – $99/MO (Best for two or three people watching video or browsing, etc)

  • 50/10 MBPS – $129/MO (Best plan for busy households, with several people watching video, working or gaming.)

Basic Install Includes The Installation Of:

  • New high-speed internet dish and installation

  • Dish tripod/mount up to 10 feet in height if required

  • Network cable from dish to router 

  • Speed testing/walk-through with a friendly technician

  • We can provide a quote for sites requiring higher than a 10 foot dish structure

  • Basic Install Fee is $199

Business High Speed Internet

  • 10/10 MBPS – $99/MO

  • 25/25 MBPS – $199/MO

  • 50/50 MBPS – $299/MO

  • 100/100 MBPS – $399/MO

  • 250/250 MBPS – $499/MO

  • Custom packages available up to 1GBPS


  • Symmetrical Bandwidth
  • Free Static IP
  • Uptime Monitoring with 24/7 Incident Response

Contracts & Usage Limit

None! There are no contracts, data usage limits, overage fees, or rate limiting. Just pick your connection speed, use as much as you like!

Our networks are designed and built to handle extreme usage.

More Information

How Our Internet Dishes work:

Our dishes require a direct line-of-sight to one of our high-speed towers. The technology we use is not affected by rain or snow, however the signal can be blocked by trees. We typically mount the dish at the peak of the roof, with a tripod and pole to rise above any trees or obstacles. If you are nearby a tower, we try to install the dish in a more discrete location, and use a smaller sized dish. The closer you are to a tower, the smaller the dish required. All dish mounting equipment is professionally installed, and permanent sealant tar is used for any bolting required. The dish is powered by a single outdoor-grade network cable. It uses power-over-ethernet to supply power to the dish and receive internet on the same cable. 

How Our Survey and Installation Process Works

We provide free on-site surveys for all new customers requesting internet service. We prefer to verify the signal beforehand, to guarantee your installation will go smooth, and service will run perfectly.


When you contact us to request internet service, we will collect all your information, verify you are in our coverage area, and schedule a day for a survey technician to come test signals at your location.


When the technician arrives, they will use a ladder to access the roof, climb to the peak, and perform a line-of-sight and signal test. You do not need to leave work to meet us for this test. If we have your permission, we can perform the test quickly on our own, from outside. This is usually easier for our technicians as their arrival times are difficult to predict due to multiple surveys and traffic.

As soon as the survey technician has completed their survey, they will contact you via phone or email to let you know the results of the test. They will also work with you to book an installation date if the tests were successful, and answer any questions you might have about the installation and service. 

How We Handle Tall Trees:

In some locations, tall trees may block the line-of-sight to our nearest tower. In this case, we may recommend to build a light-duty tower, or a pop-up telescoping mast to raise your dish above the tree line. Our survey technicians can provide a quote to build a tower or mast, and we can professionally install it for you. Towers or telescoping masts are not included in our standard installation cost, and will need to be quoted for you. 

Changes to Service Plan Speeds:

We do not charge a fee to change to a different service plan, so feel free to change your speed up or down at any time. Your dish is already capable of higher speeds if needed. Speeds are remotely controlled by our network management systems, so it is just a few clicks on our end to make the change for you. Only one change per month please.

Add-Ons and Upgrades:

Have a larger home or property?  We can install additional WiFi access points to cover the hard-to-reach areas. Need another building connected?  We can install point-to-point wireless network bridges for you.

Contact us for more details, and we can create a customized network for your needs.

More Technical Details:

Residential Internet:

  • One public IP address is given to every customer

  • Upload speeds are 1/5th of the download speed

  • We guarantee residential speeds

Business Internet:​

  • Static IP address included 

  • Symmetrical bandwidth

  • We guarantee business speeds

  • Uptime monitoring with priority incident response

  • Network engineer available on demand

  • MPLS/VPLS Layer-2 transport available (Site-to-Site Private LAN) 

  • SLA / MTTR agreements available

Coverage Map

Our lightning-fast coverage spans all across Winnipeg and the surrounding communities, including but not limited to:

Anola ◉ Beausejour ◉ Brunkild ◉ Cooks Creek ◉ Deacons Corner ◉ Domain ◉ East St. Paul ◉ Fannystelle ◉ Garson ◉ Glenlea ◉ Grand Pointe ◉ Hazelridge ◉ Headingley ◉ Howden ◉ Ile Des Chenes ◉ Ladywood ◉ La Salle ◉ Lorette ◉ Molson ◉ Oakbank ◉ Oak Bluff ◉ Osborne ◉ Saint François Xavier ◉  Saint Ouens ◉ Sanford ◉ Seddon's Corner ◉ Springstein ◉ St. Andrews ◉ Starbuck ◉ Ste Adolphe ◉ Ste Agethe ◉ Stony Mountain ◉ Vivian ◉ West Pine Ridge ◉ West St. Paul ◉ Winnipeg

Check out our coverage map to see if our coverage spans into your area.

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